Asus WL-520GC dd-wrt firmware

The following article walks you through the steps of installing dd-wrt firmware onto an Asus WL-520GC. Asus WL-520GC can be purchased very cheap off TradeMe. 

We will be installing dd-wrt v24 micro which will unlock more features than provided by the standard firmware such as bridging.

We can then use the router as an alternative to the offical xbox 360 wireless adapter etc.


Video demonstrates;

  • downloading all files
  • what happens when you try to install dd-wrt on version
  • downgrading firmware
  • installing dd-wrt micro

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Hide My Shhh

A program developed in .Net 2.0 to hide your screen and make you look busy with a flick of the wrist !

Simply displays a previously taken screen shot of you “working”


Step 1. Take a screen shot by right clicking the icon (Looks like a cog / gear) in the lower right by your clock….

Step 2. Now your all ready to hide my shhh best method is to use the short cut key Ctrl + H or activate via the context menu

Step 3. Press the Escape key to return to your normal screen


Download unzip, and run … Requires .Net 2.0 or greater framework

Download Hide My Shhh

I’m sure programs like this are around but I wanted to make one =)

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MX Jump session Dec 09

Jump session Dec 09 at Scheeles track Hawkes Bay

MX Riders

  • Jason Dodunski(Riding gear Black/White – Yellow bike)
  • Glen Bath (Riding gear Blue/White – Blue bike)







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Sub Domaina – Find sub domains

Handy little tool to discover common subdomains of a given domain name. You can not currently cancel a running search, you must wait until it finishes before performing your next lookup. Uses thread pools to increase lookup speed. Enter your domain name and run.

Uses a predefined list of common sub domains to see if any resolve.


Requires Microsoft .Net 2.0 Framework or higher

Download here

Extract and run.

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