How to brute force your router in windows

This will give you a quick run down on how to brute force your router if it uses HTTP BASIC AUTH


If you receive a popup window when you try to access your router, then this method should work for you.

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THC-Hydra – can be downloaded from their site here
Password list – try openwall’s free list

Find your router IP, you should already know this, mine is It is a DSL-G604T and the default username for this router is “admin”.
If for some reason you can’t remember yours try a default password site such as

Make sure you have downloaded and extracted THC-Hydra. I have extracted mine to C:\CMD\Hydra in this example and I also have my password list in the Hydra directory.

Open a command prompt and navigate to the Hydra directory
to change directory in dos used the “CD” command followed by the path CD C:\CMD\Hydra

run the command below substituting in your values
(command flags are case sensitive).

hydra -l {username} -P {password list path} -s {port} {IP Address} http-get /
My command looks like:
hydra -l admin -P password.lst -s 80 http-get /

Command break down:
hydra –> the hydra program
-l –> (lower case “L” not to be confused with a upper case i) single username to target. Use uppercase -L to specify a username list
-P –> provide path to password lis. -p to try a single password ie “passw0rd”
-s –> port to target your router may run on a different port such as 8080
{IP Address} hopefully this is clear
http-get –> service to brute force
“/” –> this specifies the page to target if this is left out the command will not run. “/” just indicates the root do not include the ”
you will get an output line with username and password if you are successful.
This attack is only as good as your dictionary.

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This is for educational purposes only, dont go attacking devices which don’t belong to you .