ASUS WL-520GC Restore firmware from Bricked Unit

A quick guide to get your ASUS WL-520GC back to factory firmware if you have a bad flash (AKA Bricked).


You will need;


1. ASUS Firmware utility

2. Original firmware


You can find both of the above from the ASUS website or simply download from links below


As always proceed at your own risk

First we need to get the ASUS into recovery mode, do this by holding the reset button for 3-5 seconds, the power button will begin to blink slowly (2 seconds on 2 seconds off)

Connect your computer directly to the ASUS router with a LAN cable


Next we need to give our LAN a static IP address on the devices range (Default IP of the ASUS is so we will set a IP address of our pc to something in the same range. Test if you can ping

Extract to your desktop so it is easy to locate


Now we need to extract the contents of and run the setup wizard. Once installed run the ASUS Firmware Restoration tool


Locate the firmware you extract to your desktop,select it, hit upload. Wait for the tool to finish and you should be back to original firmware.