Asus WL-520GC into repeater bridge mode with dd-wrt

Standard bridge mode does not allow wifi clients to connect to the ASUS running DD-WRT only wired clients…. But if you use repeater bridge mode you can have wired and wifi clients accessing the bridge extending your network.


Make sure you have followed the steps outlined in the following guide and the system is working before you move onto this or you will have problems !!


For those just joining my setup is as follows


Dlink G604T ADSL Router Primary wifi


Security: WPA PSK (TKIP)




Asus WL-520GC in bridge mode connected to the dlink wifi, xbox 360 conneted via ethernet port… xbox live works yay.



OK lets get started


Login to your ASUS WL-520 and navigate to Wireless – Basic Setup


Change Wireless Mode to “Repeater Bridge” as below – Hit Save

You will now have “Virtual Interfaces” click Add


Enter a new SSID it’s recommended it is different than your primary SSID, you can have it the same but you may have issues.

I am calling mine “JANDD2” – Hit Save


Navigate to Wireless – Wireless Security where we can see our new interface that we just added “JANDD2”.  Now configure the details of the new wifi to be the same as the primary, same security mode and password – Hit Save


Navigate to Setup – Basic Setup set STP to disabled – Hit Save

Navigate to Setup – Advanced Routing change operating mode to router – Hit Save

Navigate to Services disable DNSMasq – Hit Save

Navigate to Security – Firewall disable SPI Firewall, untick all except filter multicast – Hit Save



Now Hit – Apply Settings

Navigate to Administration – Management and reboot router wait a couple minutes for it to come up and enjoy !!


Credit to the good people at DD-WRT for this, this information has just been regurgitated.