Asus WL-520GC into bridge mode with dd-wrt

Putting your Asus WL-520GC into bridge mode or any device running dd-wrt v24 microAllow this wireless device to connect to an existing wireless network.

!! Fantastic as a alternative to the Xbox 360 wireless adapter !!

After installing the dd-wrt firmware login to your router


If you haven’t installed the firmware go here first


Navigate to Setup – Basic Setup page

Under the Network setup area , set a IP address on your range. I have chosen a IP address of,  subnet of 255.255.255, and

my default gateway is which is the IP address of my wireless internet router.


** EDIT 24/6/2010
You may need to set the “Local DNS” value if you have issues… set it to same IP as your gateway address. You can also check the DNS value from your ISP by logging into your router and checking the status page If you get really stuck try Googles
Thanks Jess for this


These settings will vary slightly depending on your specific network setup


Disable DHCP sever


Click SAVE at the bottom of the page.


Change to the Wireless – Basic Settings page


Change wireless mode to client bridge


Wireless Network Name (SSID): name of your existing wireless network, mine is “JANDD”


Click SAVE again at the bottom of the page


Change to Wireless – Wireless Security page

Set the security mode to match the same as the wireless AP you are connecting to. I am using WPA Personal

WPA Algorithms: TKIP

WPA Shared Key: “my wifi password”


This time click APPLY SETTINGS


The IP has now changed so navigate to the newIP address


Change to the Status – Wireless page scroll to the very bottom under wireless nodes click site survey

Find your AP in the list and click Join


For good luck navigate back to Wireless – Basic Settings page and click APPLY SETTINGS


Go back to the Status – Wireless page and check we are connected


Watch the video for clarification